[Avodah] partnership minyanim

Joseph Kaplan jkaplan at tenzerlunin.com
Tue Feb 26 06:17:17 PST 2013

"Which then makes me wonder if and why this structure really satisfies
anyone's religious needs. To be told: Yes, you can participate, but only if
we can prove your participation is in something that doesn't count?"


The "if" is answered by the growing popularity of such minyanim, especially
on college campuses.  The "why"?  Well, you'd have to ask the participants.
I have.  And some have answered that while it "might not count" from a
strict halachic analysis (though I think the wording "not count" doesn't
really capture the actual concept), it "counts" as far as participating in
an active way in shul davening which, together with layning, aliyot, giving
drashot and having a mechitzah down the middle of the shul, has turned them
observers into participants.  (Which is why I enjoyed the comment in the
Jewish Week's Purim edition about  Agudah upgrading the status of women to
non-member observers.)




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