[Avodah] How do Chabad deal with the Amen of Krias Shema

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Both lines of thought were deeply rooted 800 years ago in Sfarad and
Provence. .

Ramban explains at great length, was to say Keil Melech Ne'eman and Amen,
relying on the idea that Ahavat Olam does not contain the usual nusach. He
is defending the very Honor of Sfardic Jewry.

Taking up the debate in honor of Provence custom, Me'iri  maintains the
other side that it is a Birkat Hamitzvah. The Poskim - even Abudarham - did
not have the original Magein Avot of the Meiri. It puts the long line of
Gedolim of Provence on an equal level with great Gedolim of Sfarad and

Tzur Yisrael and Ga'al Yisrael

There is ample support  for both sides regarding current practice. The
sources are as clear as if you had attended a public lecture yesterday
afternoon. The Me'iri here - defending the pride of his Provence - is
extremely clear. He uses real names, as fitting in a debate, rather than
his usual nicknames - Greatest Mefaresh, Greatest Halachist etc.

Originally the Chazan made all blessings out loud for the Kahal, including
Ga'al Yisrael. When the Tzibur began saying it, the correct approach should
have been - the Chazan should continue to say it out loud.  It is the
culmination of the series, the climax, and should ring out loud.

Furthermore, the most strongly worded attack of Rabi Yehudah Chasid was
against our nusach.  He said that the original and proper words were 12
words. the Tzarfatim added more phrases to repeat the word Yisra'el 5
times. The most important one is the last - Baruch atah Hashem Ga'al
Yisra'el.  It should be said out loud! In unison!


That also allows a strong signal to begin Shmoneh Esreh at the exact same
time, as in Kelem Yeshivah.

What is the moment all must be together? I am guessing - the moment of
bowing on the second word jAtah - not the moment of Baruch, and not the
prelude plead for Guidance.
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