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R"t Chana Luntz wrote:

> But given that the Beit Yosef brings as his own reason, on top of that of
> the Ra'avid/ Rashba, why one might allow a katan to take Arvit, even if
> only b'dieved, is because it is a lower level of obligation than Shachrit
> and Mincha (reshut versus chova), it is far more logical to deduce that he
> would hold that psukei d'zimra was mutar l'chatchila - and indeed that is
> the way the Sephardi poskim assume - I quoted Rav Uzziel who said it
> explicitly.  I am yet to find a Rav Ovadiah who says this - but the point
> is, given how widespread the minhag is, the chances that Rav Ovadiah
> himself did not say psukei d'zimra as a katan is to my mind pretty small.
>  If this was something that was in any way objectionable, or bideved, it
> would need to be all over the Sephardi poskim.  It is not.  Therefore, it
> is pretty clear that they all understand the Shulchan Aruch as saying -
> Arvit on Motzei Shabbas, perhaps a bit iffy, psukei d'zimra - absolutely
> fine.

I don't know what Rav Ovadia did as a child, nor have I tried to find a
source that he's written to justify the practice, but ma'aseh rav, I do
know that if you go and daven at Rav Ovadia's minyan at his home in Har
Nof, pesukei d'zimrah on shabbat is done entirely by ketanim.
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