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On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 05:42:47AM -0500, Prof. Levine wrote:
> See http://tinyurl.com/a75v92r

It's a booklet from the Chof-K, part of a series called Halachically
Speaking, titled Purim Costumes.

Quoting page 3:
    The Source

    The custom to get dressed on Purim is not mentioned in the Gemorah,
    medrash, or the Geonim. [1] It is not clear when this custom started,
    although some state that it originated in Italy around 500 years
    ago. Some say that this idea of dressing up on Purim originated from
    the non-Jews. [2] However, this is not accurate. Therefore, there is
    no issur of "following in their ways" when dressing up on Purim. [3]

    1. Toras Hamoadim Purim page 267:footnote 5. Refer to Minhag Avoseinu
       B'Yudeinu Moadim 1:pages 292, Moadim L'simcha 3:pages 443-458,
       Meoros Nosson Purim 75.
    2. Refer to Toras Hamoadim Purim page 267:footnote 5 who brings such
       an opinion. See Keser Shem Tov 2:page 545.
    3. See Orchos Rabbeinu 3:page 60:104. 

I'm curious to know the evidence that unlinks Purim costumes from
Carnivale. If they're willing to accept, even if with a "some state"
disclaimer, that the minhag began in Italy in the 15th or 16th cent,
how does one *prove* people weren't copying the surrounding culture?

Tir'u baTov!

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