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At 10:37 AM 2/18/2013, R. Eli Turkel wrote:

>As we approach Purim I again review some of the difficulties with the
>traditional history of the Persia as given by chazal
>  According to Chazal there were 4 Persian kings
>1) Darius the Mede
>2) Cyrus
>3) Achasverosh
>4) Daryavosh (conquered by Alexander the great)
>Darius the Mede & Cyrus - 5 years
>Achashverosh 14 years
>Daryavosh 35 years
>total 54 years
>70 years aftyer Chruban Bayit Rishon came in 2nd year of Daryavosh
>Jews ruled by Persian for another 34 years afterwards


See Rav Shimon Schwab's article Comparative Jewish Chronology at 
that deals with these issues.

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