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On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 09:42:06AM -0000, Chana Luntz wrote:
: Taking bones out of fish is one single case of performing the melacha of
: borer.  Even if you teach him this, there are hundreds of other ways in
: which he can, and may well, perform borer on any given shabbas (we are
: assuming here that he is not able to extrapolate, otherwise you will have
: him growing in Torah, which he is apparently not able to do).
: Boreh is only one of the 39 melachos of shabbas, for which one is chayav
: kares...

Not that this touches your thesis, but:
Given that each av melakhah done beshogeig is its own chatas, it would
seem each has independent value. Someone who avoids boreir while still
doing havarah is ahead. Still, there are enough opportunities for boreir
in particular other than deboning fish, and his removing bones would be
in the same he'elam as those.

: I do agree, if you were able to teach him about *all* of the melachos (even
: let's say the d'orisa melachos) of shabbas, you would have achieved
: something, and maybe it could be weighed against the opportunity to teach
: him about Ahavas HaShem or some other such kneged kol haTorah mitzvah (such
: as Talmud torah).

Shabbos is also on that list.

:      ....  But then Makos 24a (which is after all about yeridos hadoros, and
: the fact that the 613 needed increasingly to be condensed into fewer and
: fewer) concludes with the one principle of Habakuk - v'tzadik bemunato yiyeh
: [2:4] - which would seem to point very strongly towards emunas HaShem as
: being the gemora mandated single mitzvah that would be required to be taught
: in such highly artificial circumstances.

Or, being a tzadiq.

I just also want to flag the difference between ahavas H' and
emunah. Without emunah, there is no belief in the One Who commanded,
never mind that He prohibited boreir.

Tir'u baTov!

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