[Avodah] Mussaf After Minchah

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Sun Feb 17 08:33:42 PST 2013

In Avodah V31n24, R'Micha wrote:
> According to the Rama OC 127:2 <http://j.mp/Z9S3KM>, Ashkenazim say Shalom Rav whenever we mention duchaning with "EvE"A borkheinu..." <
Of course, he meant to quote RMA as noting, "Ashkenazim say Sim Shalom," and he later quoted RJJB quoting RMA to that effect. 

RZS added, in part:
> ...how many Ashkenazi siddurim for chu"l have you seen that have birchas kohanim in shacharis?  And yet we do it on Simchas Torah. <
For the record (and this has likely been noted before in this forum), Minhag FFdM (and I assume this was true in many other communities in the general area) always had the kohanim duchaning during Shacharis of Yuntef (and, I might add, not duchaning during Musaf when it's Shabbos -- as a kid, my assumption was that the reason was a s'yag against violating s'chitah [of the towels used for drying hands]), and Bircas Kohanim is certainly noted in the Roedelheim (and, presumably, other relatively-ancient) machzor(im) for Shacharis. 

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