[Avodah] Tzitzit tucked in

Kenneth Miller kennethgmiller at juno.com
Fri Feb 15 11:03:59 PST 2013

R' Isaac Balbin wrote:

> Although one might technically argue that there are loopholes,
> such as Daled Amos, I think that the notion of Al Tifrosh Min
> HaTzibur, and even more importantly, making  sure that these
> minhagim are ingrained into every type of person who comes to
> a Beis HaChaim, should imply that it is definitely a proper
> hanhogo to ...

Similarly, one of my kids once noticed that it is my practice to shut the car radio immediately upon entering a cemetery, or even slightly before that, and even if we were listening to an all-news station (rather than music). My response was simply, "In a cemetery, it's always Tisha B'Av." (They understood clearly that I was making a hashkafic point, not a halachic one.)

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