[Avodah] Shiur of an Etzbah(finger)

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Mon Feb 11 02:39:52 PST 2013

On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 08:12:30AM +0200, Simon Montagu wrote:
: ROY's Yalkut Yosef...
: Search there for "shiur etzba" and you will find that he gives it as 2 cm.

Shitas R' Chaim Naeh, the 48 cm (18.9") ammah.

RCN was a Lub chassid born in Chevron (1890) to a talmid of the Sedei
Chemed, learned in Ohel Moshe ander R' Yeruchem Diskin, and ended up
running Yeshivas EY for Jews exiled from EY by the Ottomans during WW I.

As RYGB wrote back on 30-Nov-2001
> I do not think RCN counts as a Chabad Posek - he was the safra d'dyna
> of the pre-State Badatz, IIRC, and recorded Minhag Yerushalayim, which
> is based on the Rambam's measure of an etzba, which in turn was based,
> IIRC, on the size of the Egyptian drachma. The Minhag Yerushalayim was the
> minhag ha'mekkubal b'chol tefutzos Yisroel (well, maybe not Prague, where
> the Noda b'Yehuda introduced the CI shiurim - forgive the anachronism)
> until the CI asserted the NbY to be correct. V'ho'ra'ayah - the bechers
> of the CC and R' Yisroel Salanter were smaller than the CI shiur.

(And in the years since, I asked the CC's grandson who actually held
and measured the becher. The statement about the CC's becher is true.)

So, ROY pesaq should be unsurprising. It's only an Ashk thing that we
feel insecure about the smaller shiurim.

Tir'u baTov!

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