[Avodah] A question for the chevre

menucha menu at inter.net.il
Sun Feb 10 04:55:57 PST 2013

>>                  The Chofetz Chaim
>>explained that he could always hope to be Shomer Shabbos again some day in
>>the future, but once one eats the treif, it becomes part of him and it is
>>impossible to *totally* cleanse oneself of it.

>>Akiva Miller

>Of course it's not a true story. What does it mean" impossible to
>*totally* cleanse oneself of it."?
>What about teshuva? This sort of statement rejects the essence of Judaism!

>Martin Brody

Meshech Chochma Devarim 6,11
"The nature of forbdden foods is to be "metamtem et halev" and therefore
one should be mechallel shabbos to feed a choleh rather than feed him
a neveila."


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