[Avodah] tfilat haderech and birchat hagomel

David Riceman driceman at optimum.net
Tue Feb 5 09:54:19 PST 2013


<<Yes, it seems to me that RYBS, because he identifies a pasuk as behind 
this particular statement of tan du, therefore is giving tan du a status 
of an existential truth about human nature - over and above any other 

Actually I think the pasuk is part of the excuse.  IIRC he said that if 
one were to deny the presumption of "tav l'meisav ..." then vast areas 
of halacha would be rendered moot.  My impression is that that was his 
actual reason for disagreeing with Rabbi Rackman (my memory is fuzzy - - 
I may not have the names correct).

David Riceman

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