[Avodah] Kabbala at Odds with Torah

Lisa Liel lisa at starways.net
Wed Jan 30 13:06:19 PST 2013

On 1/30/2013 2:26 PM, Micha Berger wrote:
> R' Moshe Ben-Chaim, who recently joined the list, sent me this via
> FaceBook in reference to either this discussion or a similar one,
> and asked me to post to the list:
>      Dear Rabbi Berger;
>      In light of your recent comments on my earlier essay against
>      Kabbala, I invite you and your readers to read my latest
>      essay "The Flaws of Zohar" in the current Jewishtimes:
>      http://www.mesora.org/jewishtimes444.pdf
>      Thank you,
>      R. Moshe Ben-Chaim
The article badly misrepresents both the Zohar and the practices of 
those who accept the Zohar.  I've often told atheists, "The God you 
don't believe in, I don't believe in, either."  Something similar 
applies here.  He's beating up a strawman.  Though if there are people 
for whom his descriptions are accurate, then I agree with his 
conclusions about them.


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