[Avodah] Can Eliyahu Hanavi decide halachic questions?

Lisa Liel lisa at starways.net
Mon Jan 21 15:00:53 PST 2013

On 1/21/2013 3:32 PM, Micha Berger wrote:
> As for the meaning of teiqu: I agree with Lisa that peshat is that
> the question stands. However, derash, repated by people with a much
> firmer grasp of how halakhah is decided than she or I have, is
> "Tishbi yetzareitz..." Which implies to me that while one can't say
> this idea of Eliyahu answering the question isn't the meaning of
> the word, I also wouldn't say the idea itself is untrue.

Whereas I, l'shitati, hold that a mistake is a mistake, even after 3000 
years.  The people who were cutting off the ends of the brisket before 
putting it in the pan because that's how their mother's did it don't 
have to continue doing it once they find out that it's because the pans 
were too small.  The fact that many Rishonim and Achronim never saw an 
olive in their lives and had to use a guestimate for kazayit doesn't 
mean that their views overrule the actual metziyut of an olive.


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