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Kenneth Miller kennethgmiller at juno.com
Tue Jan 15 03:28:44 PST 2013

R' Eli Turkel wrote:

> I once saw an article from Haym Soloveitchik where he argued
> that there is a difference between OC/YD and CM. While no
> observant Jew would argue that one can drive a car on shabbat
> because life changes that the rabbis during the ages did indeed
> change monetary laws (either directly or by reinterpreting old
> ones) to make them fit the conditions of that society.

Warning: Having learned almost no Choshen Mishpat at all, you are advised not to put much weight on my thoughts on this topic. Nevertheless, I can't help pointing out how very important Minhag Hakom is for Choshen Mishpat. "Kinyanim" which would seem to have absolutely no validity based on one's Gemara study, suddenly carry severe implications simply because the general society considers it to be a valid transaction.

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