[Avodah] economics 101

Akiva Miller kennethgmiller at juno.com
Thu Jan 10 16:19:08 PST 2013

R' Ben Waxman asked:
> So would the rules of tzedaqa apply? If I spend 300 shekels
> on groceries in the TC's store, and the same groceries would
> cost me 200 shekels in Rami Levi, does this mean that I spent
> 100 shekels on tzedaqa that could be applied to my chiyuv?

I can't imagine why not, presuming that the TC's prices are truly above the market rate. If his prices are in line with what the expensive stores charge, then I am less sure. But even there, if you've established a pattern of avoiding the expensive stores, then I can certainly see the possibility.

In fact, rather than question whether this is tzedaka at all, I could argue that it is the ideal form of tzedaka, giving him a parnasa.

Akiva Miller

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