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Tue Jan 8 04:49:25 PST 2013

<<The fact that the Alsheich does not quote his source does not mean that
he did not see one.  I doubt he found this midrash on the
I still maintain that we should call this thread "midrashim for which we
do not know the original source"

No one claims that the Alsheich made it up My claim was merely that it is a
late medieval
relatively unknown set of midrashim. In this case the source is known (I am
trying to locate it again
I once had it).

My only statement was that for a relatively unknown (or one whose source we
dont know) midrash
it has become very popular with many learning it in grade school and
frequently quoted on the internet.
Hence, my claim that there is no connection between the popularity of a
midrash and the importance of the original.

As an aside in line with the comment of Menucha many of the sources of the
Rambam are no longer known.
This of course does not imply that he didnt have a source.

Eli Turkel
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