[Avodah] Chassidim on Horseback?

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Thu Jan 3 09:52:15 PST 2013

On 3/01/2013 11:04 AM, Prof. Levine wrote:
> You seem to be equating something that is non-Jewish with Darchei Emori.  From http://tinyurl.com/avmsbjq

Indeed, a more likely avenue of attack is Chukos Hagoy.  Nevertheless,
I don't believe there are real grounds there either.  There's nothing
inherently goyish about riding a horse, any more than there is in owning
a dog, another thing that in the Old Country was associated with the Poretz.
Hashem made horses and dogs, after all.   And there *is* something noble
about a man riding a horse -- a proper horse, that is, not a pony!

It's true that 200 years ago if a young man were seen riding a horse it
was a sign that he was OTD.  There's a famous story of a conversation between
the Alter Rebbe and such a young man.  The AR asked him what was so great
about riding horses, and he said it's simply a fast and convenient way to
get from A to B.  The AR replied that yes, a horse is indeed a wonderful
way to get where you are going, better than walking, provided you're on the
right road, but what if you get on the wrong road?  Then all it does is take
you farther away from your destination, faster than you would go if you were
walking.  Then he thought for a bit and added, however once you realise that
you are on the wrong road, then the horse will also get you back to the right
road faster.

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