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Very interestingly, in biblical days, Hebrew names were chosen with great diligence and care.
An attempt was made to have the name express an ideal or a pledge, to which the bearer was
expected to remain true for life. One of the most significant marriages in Jewish history was 
between Amram and Yocheved. The m'forshim wanted to know what traits of character these 
two people possessed, that enabled them to rear such outstanding children.  And they explain 
that the clue is to be found in the names they  bore. 

You will note that the name "Amram" is composed of two words: "Am" (ayin, men) meaning 
People (or nation) and "Ram" (reish, mem) meaning elevated. At a time when Par'o and his
followers attempted to degrade the Jews, Amram did everything in his power to uplift, elevate
and bring honor to his people.
Yocheved (yud, vov, khof, beis, dalet) is likewise composed of two words. The yud vov is an
abbreviated form for the name of God and kof beis dalet signifies honor. Yocheved dedicated 
her life to bring honor to the religion and the God of her people.

Thus it becomes apparent when Amram and Yocheved built their home on such sound
foundations (on service to God and their people), it is no wonder that their efforts were crowned
with such success!

May this holiday of Pesach renew our spiritual genetics.

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