[Avodah] kitniyot & size of kezayit weight or volume

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Sat Mar 23 12:43:58 PDT 2013

Siddur Pesach Kehilchaso (p188) states that one can eat kitniyot on Erev
Pesach (cf pri megadim mav-mem-daled (eshel avraham 2))

On another matter (from Kinor David by R. Rimon) Ashkenazi poskim state
that the shiur is in terms of volume and not weight.
However, Kaf Hachayim (168:46) states that the minhag for Pesach and bracha
achrona is to base the shiur on weight. Yechave Daat *ROY) concurs with
this. However, other sefardi poskim eg Chida, R. Meshash and Or Letzion
state that the shiur is based on volume. Note that basing the shiur on
weight is a major chumra since matza weighs more than water

Eli Turkel
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