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<<The problem is that it was added deliberately.  There are of course those
(e.g. R Yitzchok Elchonon) who permit bitul issur lechatchila with kitniyos,
but the Maharil forbids wine into which mustard was added before Pesach.
See Chok Yaakov 464:3.>>

The question is what does it mean "ein mevatlin issue lechatchila"
Sefardim are allowed to eat kitniyot and so these companies are adding an
ingedient that is permitted to half the population.

The chief rabbi of our town is a sefardi who married an ashkenazi wife.
When her family comes during Pesach he tells them to simply take the
kitniyot they see out of the food. Whatever kitniyot were added (assuming
they are a minority)
were not batel "lechatchila" but simply made for the sefardim.

kol tuv

Eli Turkel
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