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martin brody martinlbrody at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 11:01:24 PDT 2013

"Can anyone explain why chocolate with lecithin is a problem during Pesach?

Even if lecithin is Kitniyos, it is not a majority of the chocolate, it is
not visible to the naked eye and it is not added for the express purpose of
making a KLP product?

Same goes for drinks that use corn syrup or other Kitniyos derived
products, as sweeteners."

I presume it's there as a stabilizer and it wouldn't be a chocolate bar
without it. But I'm not sure that as kitnyot is batel b'rov if it applies
to an "essential" ingredient.
I suppose the same argument for corn syrup (to those that won't use corn
syrup, which is odd anyway) in sodas.
What I really don't understand is those that won't have corn syrup, when
there is sugar as well. Jam's/preserves are a good example of that.
Why use common sense when you can unnecessarily strict?

Martin Brody
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