[Avodah] Kitniyos Oil and Breadcrumbs

Rabbi Meir G. Rabi, its Kosher! rabbi at itskosher.com.au
Tue Mar 12 01:32:00 PDT 2013

Since the scenario discussed by the Rema is not a clarified oil, as we have
explained below,

but sesame oil derived by crushing the seeds in a mortar,

and this oil has not been clarified,

and is consequently thick with sediment and sesame pieces

in which breadcrumbs will be Battel

[because if the oil would be clear then the breadcrumbs would not be Battel]

the Rema must be understood to have no concerns for a clarified sesame oil.

So CLEAR sesame oil is KLP LeChatChiLa

Sesame oil thick with sediment is BeDiOvad, not because of the oil but due
to the sesame substance within the oil.

The suggestion that the Rema is constructed on the unstated foundation that
clarified sesame oil is no better than the sesame themselves, cannot even
be shoe-horned into the Rema and DMoshe as explained by the Mishne B
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