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<<Where do you see this?  The only norm he is reporting is the metzius that
in many places they ate peanuts.  The rest is his explanation for that
metzius.  Other explanations could also be proposed.>>

R Frank allowed cottenseed because it was a new product since in the old
days it was not edible.
As mentioned RCS also allowed peanuts and other such products

However, in general I dont understand the whole issue. RMF has many
RSZA states that the "Sar shel Torah" of his generation is RMF since he can
find the solution to new problems and not just quote old opinions.

Hence, if this is a chiddush of RMF thast is good enough for me.
However, as noted several other poskim made similar claims and many present
day poskim follow RMF's pask

Eli Turkel
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