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The OU in Israel put a booklet into every edition of the weekend Jerusalem
Post and other distributions with halachot of Pesach

However many of the halachot are very strange

1) " A common minhag is that they (mehadrin kashrut authorities) do not, as
a rule, certify products that contain more than 4 or 5 ingredients"
The rav in charge of kashrut in our town (a charedi himself)  thought that
was a joke. Coke has over 12 ingedients and is certified by Rav Landau for
Pesach.  In fact many if not most compound products have more than 5

Besides why would that make a difference

2)  If some kitniyot falls into food the kitchen is not treif (a little
"The food is actually permissible to eat during Pesach although most people
would understably opt not to do so"
The RY giving our shiur thought that throwing out the food is baal taschit.
 The chief rabbi of our town is Sefardi married to an Ashkenazi (former
minister from Shas and on the chief rabbinate board) told that when his
wife's family visits for Pesach he served them food with kitniyot and tells
them to just take out whatever they see.

Other questions are debateable - they don't allow kashering formica or
caesar marble counters though many poskim do allow it

Eli Turkel
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