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Thu Feb 28 03:49:45 PST 2013

<<According to RMT. It is unclear RMF actually did change his mind from
what was published earlier in IM. I don't think his sons remember his
final position the way his son-in-law does.

And as for other posqim, RSZA (e.g.) was very against. The Tzitz
Eliezer was also against -- and he no less an expert on medical ethics,
being the poseiq for Shaarei Tzedeq Medical Center, and a far more
broadly cited poseiq than RMT. R' Aharon Soloveitchik, R' Shemuel Wozner,
and RYSE also all rejected brain death.>>

I thought that RMF;s son signed a letter strongly agreeing with Rav Tendler.
As does Rav Rappaport.

I have heard a lecture from Dr. Steinberg that he performed surgery on a
to determine the effect of the brain stem and that as a result RSZA changed
his mind and in fact stated that he regreted strongly stating his previous
position instead of using IMHO as now his previous position was a lie.

Eli Turkel
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