[Avodah] R. Dovid Feinstein

Michael Feldstein michaelgfeldstein at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 03:07:24 PST 2013

: Contrary to popular belief, organ transplant is not only allowed al pi
: din, but it is meritorious...

According to RMT. It is unclear RMF actually did change his mind from
what was published earlier in IM. I don't think his sons remember his
final position the way his son-in-law does.

I think it's pretty clear what RMF's son Rav Dovid Feinstein believed
about his father's position on brain death.


It's the other anti-brain stem death folks that have created confusion
about RMF's position, by trying to suggest that RMF really didn't
believe what his son and son-in-law have said he believed
on the issue of brain stem death.

Michael Feldstein
Stamford, CT
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