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1.    Theme of GRA on Esther (page 3)

2.    Hashem does not act openly on "foreign territory" where he gives
direct controlled by other mal'achim. No open miracles were within the

3.    Even Yechezkel had to show proofs that Hashem could appear to him in
Bavel. So in Bavel BY felt abandoned and not being watched by Hashem,
because the open miracles and open praises were absent.

4.    I add - instead there was a self-enforcing alienation. BY felt
rebellious and looked for other saviors.

5.    At the end of the Megilla they saw that all the various "candidates"
for Savior of the Jews were only empty shells - hollow noise makers.

6.    At the end they saw that each piece was organized to begin with to
create the illusion of Hashem's absence. No "Over-The-Top" miracles could
accomplish that, but the fall of the ten sons of Haman in one breath – was
a window to the miracle.

7.    Haster Astir - companionship with hashem without open miraculous
fireworks.  Only the consistency of Hashem over many repititions forms a
stunning pattern that proves Hashem is behind the whole thing.

8.    Istahar - Persian - for moon - really Hashem is still there
reflected. Taht is the Simcha, the new acceptance which is more
comprehensive and durable [if less spectacular.

9.    Thus Yetzias Mitzrayim spectacular miracles are akin to  shhidduchim,
 and at marriage there is a public gathering - Kala naah vachasudah, open

10. After Sheva Brachos – the seed – there is a growth and unfolding which
is long term and so gradual that it is harder to detect.

11. Relative to the more open spectacular miracles of Yetzias Mitzrayim,
life in the Exile, to an extent even the miracles of Purim resemble
established married life which progresses in slow progressions in which
only occasionally can Hashem’s hidden interventions be detected.


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