[Avodah] hechsher question

saul newman saulnewman18 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 16:59:17 PST 2013

a  NYC  glatt restaurant  with a  hechsher  'we don't rely on'  is having
 a special  Valentines day  meal service.

1]  would the major  'accepted'  hechshers  approve of such a thing?

2]  if not , we must delineate what is the line between  'secular'  vs
 'religious/pagan' .  ie  i assume  that they would not allow  a Halloween
menu , but would a Memorial/Independence day
     the nafka mina would be Valentines , St Patricks, thanksgiving [and
maybe  for a chassidishe hechsher Yom Haatzmaut]  ie  something that might
have religious origins, of a non-jewish origin  but is mostly secular
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