[Avodah] Keri'ah and berikha

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Dear Ovedim,

The Midrash Rabba Bereishit 39:12 includes a discussion about bowing during
the 'amidah, and concludes with a reference to two stories:
Rabbi Chiya Rabba her'a kheri'ah lifnei Rebbi venitrape; uvar Sissi her'a
verikha lifnei Rebbi venifsach velo nitrape.

Question: what was the likely nature of their injuries? Why was R' Sissi's
injury worse?

PS: I sm not asking for questions of theodicy. A reason why the latter was
punished is cited by commentaries, but since this story is brought to
explain how we bow, it should be informed by our knowledge of anatomy.

Kol tuv,
mit freundlichen Grüßen,
with kind regards,
Arie Folger

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