[Avodah] A question for the chevre

Moshe Zeldman mzeldman at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 15:29:35 PST 2013

Hi- I'm new here. Please excuse me if this type of question has been
covered. I was having a discussion recently with a noted talmid chacham,
where he posed the following question:
You have a secular Jew who's on his way to Africa for the rest of his life,
and you have an opportunity to teach him one mitzva that he'll keep until
he dies. He has no opportunity there to continue his growth there and will
never go beyond just keeping this one mitzva. Do you teach him: a) to love
Hashem, or b) not to take bones out of a fish on Shabbos?
To emphasize, the question here is not a kiruv/chinuch strategy question--
it won't lead to more mitzvos. It's a question of priorities in halacha. To
this Rav, it was pashut that you teach him about borer. Thoughts?
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