[Avodah] Kabbala at Odds with Torah

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On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 05:50:22PM -0500, I wrote:
: On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 09:42:57AM -0500, Prof. Levine [quoted
: a poat by Rabbi Marshall Gisser <mgisser at nydesign.com> on LookJed]:
: ...
:> Today's Judaism ignores God's words, and instead, favors 
:> incomprehensible and heretical notions found in man-made works like 
:> Kabbala, Tanya, Breslov and other works that assume an identity 
:> similar to Christian doctrines. When the priority of God's words is 
:> rejected, this is no longer Judaism.
: ...
:> A reliable resource to assist in this need:  <http://www.mesora.org/>

And then R/Prof YL added:
:: I cannot agree more with what Rabbi Gisser wrote about this topic.

To which I replied (in part):
: How can we say that Qabbalah is "incomprehensible and heretical"
: when we all rely on the work of Maran Bet Yosef? Are we to exclude both
: Chassidus as well as the Gra and RCVolozhiner from the mesorah? The Ari,
: the Maharal and the Ramchal?

R' Moshe Ben-Chaim, who recently joined the list, sent me this via
FaceBook in reference to either this discussion or a similar one,
and asked me to post to the list:

    Dear Rabbi Berger;

    In light of your recent comments on my earlier essay against
    Kabbala, I invite you and your readers to read my latest
    essay "The Flaws of Zohar" in the current Jewishtimes:

    Thank you,
    R. Moshe Ben-Chaim

Tir'u baTov!

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