[Avodah] Do not hate your brother in your heart

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Another thing from Y-mi yomi learned while I was in Israel I want to
share with the chevrah....

There is a machloqes rishonim as to whether one violates "lo sisna es
achikha bilvavekha" when one acts on one's hatred, rather than keeping it
bileiv. The Ramban (Vayiqra 19:17) holds that the pasuq says "bilvavekha"
because that's the most common scenario. And it's part of the flow of
the pasuq, which continues "... hokheiach tokhiach es amisekha, velo
sisa alav cheit". Don't hate him in your heart, air your grievance and
see if reaproachment follows.

(C.f. Rashbam, Chizquni ad loc.)

The Me'iri (Yuma 75a) goes further and says that it's acting on sin'ah

The Rambam (Lav #320, Hil' Dei'os 6:5), OTOH, holds that if one acts
on that hatred, one is oveir other issurim, but not lo sisna.

But I am not sure what the Rambam does with the mishnah Nedarim 9:4
(on which the Y-mi has the famous machloqes R' Aqiva and Ben Azzai over
"ve'avta lerei'akha" vs "zeh seifer toledos adam).
    R Meir also said: We make him a pesaq [for his neder] from what is
    written in the Torah and say to him, "Did you knew that you would
    violate 'lo siqom velo sitor', 'lo sisna', 've'ahavta lerei'akha
    kamokh', and 'vekhai achikha imakh' -- because maybe he'll become
    poor and you won't be able to support him?" ...

So you see that violating lo siqom does not take one out of lo sisna,
even though fulfilling the neder is acting on it, not keeping the
sin'ah in one's heart.

As I said, it appears to be a raayah against the Rambam.

Tir'u baTov!

H/T Rav Binyamin Zimmerman, who by coincidence (if you believe in
coincidence) recently sent a shiur on the subject
and my original exposure to the sugya

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