[Avodah] If you implement a Triennial Torah reading cycle well, what about Simchat Torah?

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I thought it would be interesting to post my rendering of the vote 
about whether or not to retain Simchat Torah in the Reform Synod at 
Frankfurt in 1845.

The background is, of course, that the Reform rabbis were trying to 
implement liturgical reforms, to modernize the services, to both 
attract people and avoid repelling them, and do it in a way that was 
consistent both in Reform theory and in practice. So in this, the 
second of three such assemblies, held in Frankfurt A.M.[1]  between 
July 15 and 28, 1845, many questions were discussed.

As part of the process of reforming, modernizing and streamlining 
services, the assembly had approved of implementing a Triennial cycle 
of reading the Torah. This would of course have the effect of 
shortening the Torah reading by one third which is something that 
people who look forward to Parshat Nitzavim can understand. Old 
sources showed that in ge'onic times (and later) the Torah was read 
and completed every three years, while our custom of reading it in 
one year, and celebrating Simchat Torah on the second day of Shemini 
Atzeret arose in Babylonia. The question therefore was, should 
Simchat Torah be celebrated only every three years? Or annually? Or 
at all? Here is what they said:

See the above URL for more. YL
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