[Avodah] Can Eliyahu Hanavi decide halachic questions?

Marty Bluke marty.bluke at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 04:57:52 PST 2013

Recently in Daf Yomi (Shabbos 108a) the Gemara discussed whether Tefillin
can be written on the skin of a Tahor fish. Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak says
if Eliyahu will come and tell us that it is good then it is kosher. The
Gemara asks so what if Eliyahu tells us, Rashi explains that Heter v'isur
are not decided by Eliyahu because lo bashamayim hee, in other words
Eliyahu Hanavi cannot answer any halachic questions.

How does this Gemara fit in with all of the places where we say that
Eliyahu Hanavi is going to answer our halachic questions, etc.?
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