[Avodah] Hasagat Gevul of a bus company

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Dear Ovedim,

Pitchei Choshen Geneiva veOnaah pg. 269 wonders whether a cabbie may
solicit customers from a bus stop. Is it like recruiting customers from a
competitor's store, which is prohibited? One argument in favor of allowing
it - which, in my opinion, is unconvincing - is that bus stops are not like
store, but merely convenient place markers for customers to know where they
can flag a bus.

However, I can two other possible distinctions that might make the practice
permissible, though I am unsure.
1) the product taxi ride and the product bus ride are fundamentally
different services, even though both are subsets of the product ride or
transportation. Thus, it's like someone peddling watermelons ina store
selling carrots. This would still prohibit private bus operators from
picking up customers (e.g. Mehadrin lines?).
2) some bus stops are served by several companies, those are more like a
marketplace and less like a store, so that should be permissible. Other
kind of bus stops might however remain off limits.

Or is the comparison fundamentally flawed, and are bus stops unlike stores?
If so, why?

Kol tuv,
Arie Folger,
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