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Posters all seem to think it is clearly issues of avoda Zara.

However, there is a major (? Dominant) strand of halachic thinking that does not view Christianity as avoda Zara for nonJews - with the specific issues being dealt with are actions of the Jew that  reinforce the gentile in his belief - and that would be forbidden if it was truly avoda zara( eg, making him swear by Jesus,, selling him a round his holidays, etc.  why is this different? It isn't my own acceptance of the beliefs -but enabling his practice of his own beliefs....

I w old add that  what is strange to me is that from the Christian viewpoint, why would they want sacraments from a nonbeliever..

In a hospital setting , when calling for a chaplain, one typically gets the one on call, who is expected to console and counsel patient & family, as well as offer generic prayers, but if there is an issue of Christian rites, they normally get a Christian minister...

The army is one area where it is more difficult to get adequate staffing of all faiths at the front, so I'm assuming this question has come up in the past for army chaplains, and wonder what the responses have been

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