[Avodah] Nittel, Torah, Maharal, Mezuzos, Perversion, Corrosion

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Mon Jan 7 08:43:20 PST 2013

If I required any evidence that my reasoning was powerful, on target and
unassailable, I could not have asked for better than the proof that was
presented to show that I am wrong; which goes something like this -  Meir
Rabi is wrong because according to him the Maharal wants an ignoramus to
decide Halacha, based on his own reading of the Gemara, rather than seeking
guidance from a Posek.

Of course I said no such thing. This type of distortion to discredit my
argument is just a mechanism employed to create confusion, a diversion, and
move the discussion away from its focus, because my analysis is

There is no doubt that adding the names of angels to the Mezzuzah is a
perversion. There is little doubt that using names of angels even far away
from the Mezuzah or any other sacred or Jewish flavoured object, is also a
perversion. It disgusted the RaMBaM and made him fear for the future of
those who were addicted to these sorceries. [White chooks for Kapporos,
requires its own Kapporo, NeBech] And the adoption of these practices is
understood to be a contaminant within Yiddishkeit and is tolerated with
great reluctance and revulsion, with an understanding that they will be
eventually excised. Heaven forbid that one should suggest that these are
now part of our Mesorah. Such ideas make a terrible concession that erodes
the core of Yiddishkeit, that erodes the principle of TT Kenegged Kulam. Is
Torah a game that we can play with and shape into whatever suits us?

Where is the clear delineation between Halalcha and Torah on the one hand
and Kabbalah on the other? In the minds of a few Poskim? We are shaping the
mindscape of the HaMon Am, including many if not most BeNey Torah; they
presume that without the Kabbalistic formulations on the outside of the
Mezuzh it is Passul. They would have it fixed. They would not leave it on
their door.

Whether an individual has or has no problem with Yidden not learning on
Nittel Nacht is an irrelevancy to this discussion. Whether it is Shas
Yidden who don’t learn or plain folk, the message being broadcast is tragic
and corrosive. Violation of this Biblical command is justified because we
are feeding the SitraAchra. As though HKBH is incapable of ensuring that
when we follow His commandments no evil should eventuate from our loyalty.


Meir G. Rabi
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