[Avodah] Hair Covering and Jewish Law

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Hair Covering and Jewish Law: Biblical and Objective (Dat Moshe) or 
Rabbinic and Subjective (Dat Yehudit)?
Rabbi Michael J. Broyde

Everything that I have written is meant only to justify the halakhic 
practice of modest Jewish women. As a rabbi of little stature, I have no 
intention of deciding halakhic practice for the entire community in 
opposition to the rulings of the great decisors of our generation. I 
only wish to point out that there are many Rishonim who rule that the 
prohibition for married women to go with uncovered hair is a subjective 
rabbinic violation dependent on societal norms of modesty(and dat 
yehudit), not a biblical prohibition (and dat moshe). Women and families 
who have a clear custom not to cover their hair should know that there 
is a firm foundation for such a practice in the Rishonim and Shulhan 
Arukh, even if such a view is rejected by the great Ahronim of our day.
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