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<<IUC these objections could also apply to AIH(artificial
insemination-husband).  I find the juxtaposition of ?they are not
fulfilling the wishes of G-d.? and ? However, if the couple wants IVF for
their natural desire ? intriguing.  From whence does this natural desire
spring if not from HKB?H and our focus (which imho flows from the will) on
family? Why would it be difficult to prohibit ?>

R. Zilberstein is stating that if one goes to a rabbi and asks whether one
should use IVF the answer (in his opinion) is that it should be
discouraged. If the couple comes to the rabbi and asks if there is any
prohibition to using IVF because they want children (cf Rachel's complaint
to Yaakov)
then R. Zilberstein is stating that there is no specific prohibition. The
desire for children is legitimate but does not turn it into a mitzva.

Thus R. Zilberstein's objection to IVF is more moral (kedusha) than
strictly halacha. Note others do prohibit IVF based on destruction of semen
and claim that one does not fulfill pru uveru while others indeed think
that IVF is a good idea and one does fulfill pru u-veru

Eli Turkel
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