[Avodah] Why Lie When Truth Can Also Achieve Peace

Arie Folger afolger at aishdas.org
Tue Jan 1 13:51:39 PST 2013

RSZ wrote:
> How do you know what Hashem would or would not disclose?  In general
> ruach hakodesh reveals all.  For 22 years Yaacov didn't have ruach
> hakodesh.  It's not just that Hashem kept this from him, but otherwise
> gave him access to ruach hakodesh; rather, the whole ruach hakodesh
> went away, and Yaacov had no access to special information at all.
> Once it came back, what was to prevent him from learning this information?

What do you base that on? Prophecy and ruach hakodesh are not at the whims
of the prophet. As Rambam explained, one can be ready for prophecy yet not
get any.

Wouldn't it make more sense to posit that one only sees what G"d wants to
reveal to him? No X-Ray Rabbi.

Arie Folger,
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