[Avodah] tosefta incorporations??

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On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 08:54:03AM -0700, Harvey Benton wrote:
: why were some beraitos available and incorporated into the gemmarra, while
: others were incorporated into the toseftas ???

The Tosefta is a compilation of lower-case-m mishnayos that Rebbe didn't
feel a need to preserve. It was collected by R' Chiyah bar Abba and his
talmid, R' Hoshiah.

The word "beraisa", meaning "outsider", refers to anything not collected
in the Mishnah or Tosefta. According to the Rambam (hadaqamah lePeirush
haMishnah) they were recorded by R' Hoshiah and Bar Kapara. (I guess
those R' Hoshiah had left over after the Tosefta.) But no such compiled
collection reached us. Therefore, any beraisos not found in the Medrashei
Halakhah, Mishnah or Tosefta either reached us in one of the talmuds, or
was lost.

So I think the question is the reverse of RHB's: Why are some beraisos
in the Tosefta, and others not?

Rebbe had a known goal. To record the halakhah as he saw it, and those
alternatives he thought merited consideration. (Or required future
generations knowing they were rejected, see Edios 1:4-5.) This is why
a stam mishnah is like his rebbe, R' Meir, and we say that the general
approach to the mishnah is that of R' Meir's rebbe, R' Aqiva.

Stam Tosefta is keR' Nechemiah, which happens to be R' Chiya bar Abba's
rebbe. Which I would think implies RCbA had a similar goal.

And there was no finite list of mishnayos. They were forms people repeated.
If you met someone knew, he might have one you hadn't heard before. So
there were bound to be mishnayos that weren't needed for either project.

And some of them came up in the discussions of the amoraim recorded in
the Y-mi and in shas.


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